Sustainable Holiday

Sustainable Holiday

By Lesley Webb Peacesake's sustainability editor

Happy Holidays! Let’s reduce our waste and get crafty with the items we have during the holidays!

Be Conscious in Your Gifting.

Let’s think about giving the gift of an experience or something memorable…

  • Bake cookies or a beautiful dessert 

  • Make a peppermint hot chocolate mix in a reusable jar

  • Craft holiday cards

  • Make holiday ornaments

  • Create photo books

  • Call a loved one 

  • Give concert tickets (whenever we can safely attend live concerts again)  

  • Send E-gift cards from your favorite local businesses

Reduce Your Food Waste

Food waste is extremely high during the holidays. Be conscious of the amount of food you prepare. Try to save and reuse your leftovers. Look up recipes to recreate leftovers into soups, pies, stir fry, and casseroles. 

Reusable Gift Wrap & Decorations

You don’t have to buy a new gift wrap every year. Search your space for ribbon, string, recycled paper bags, or decorative cloth to wrap your gifts. Reuse your Peacesake cardboard candle box for cute gift boxes. 

If you want to get really crafty, collect pine cones and sticks to create ornaments. These outdoor finds can also add winter decor to your space. If you have oranges, you can easily slice and bake them to create a vibrant orange slice garland. To save energy, self-timers are a great idea for your outdoor holiday lights. Don’t forget to save and reuse your holiday decor from past years!

Have a Happy and Sustainable Holiday!

Lesley Webb — Peacesake’s Sustainability Editor

Lesley is a Virginia Beach native who is passionate about environmental conservation. With a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Lynchburg, her interest bloomed in sustainable living. As a sustainability advocate, she is eager to spread knowledge on reducing waste and lowering your carbon footprint in order to reduce our impact on the environment. Lesley strives to live mindfully with an eco-conscious lifestyle through food, products, health, and education. With this blog, Lesley intends to spread simple sustainably mindful practices.

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