Why you should recycle your candle container

Why you should recycle your candle container

By Valencia Morr Peacesake's Co-founder

If you are reading this article, you’ve probably bought a candle before. You’ve had the experience of enjoying your candle to the last bit with the container left over. So, you might ask…”what should I do?”

By simply, cleaning out your used candle container and giving it a new purpose, you are taking an active role in helping the environment. Recycling or up-cycling your candle container can significantly reduce landfill waste which is a growing national issue. Here are some fun candle recycling tips that help make a fun and positive impact for this great green planet:

1. Clean out your candle container: 

If your candle container still has a bit of wax at the bottom, it is important that you remove the remaining wax and clean the container thoroughly so that it may be recycled. You can do this by filling up a small pot with ¼ cup of water and setting it on low to medium heat. You can then place you candle container in the pot to heat the wax. Once you see the wax has melted, you can pour the wax in a different container to make another candle, use in a homemade fire starter recipe, etc. 

2. Use as a drinking glass:

Nothing beats “cheers-ing” in a glass that’s found a new purpose!

3. Make it a NEW succulent home: 

You can add some river rocks/pebbles to the bottom of the glass container , then add cactus soil, and lastly plant your succulent of choice into your newly “up-cycled” candle container.

4. Make it a pencil/pen holder: 

You can turn your used candle container into a pencil and or utensil holder! 

Happy Recycling!

Valencia Morr Peacesake’s Co-founder

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