Living Sustainably, From a Distance

Living Sustainably, From a Distance

By Lesley Webb Peacesake's sustainability editor

Social distancing can take a small toll on living sustainably, but let’s act mindfully on our current situation

Create Your Dream Latte at Home 

Since coffee shops are not accepting personal cups, it’s time to start making your coffee at home. Create that quarantine at home trend - foamy whipped coffee. Need a pastry? Bake some delicious homemade cookies, bread, or scones. Think about the money you will save from skipping constant coffee and pastry outings.

Rethink Your Plastic Bottle Consumption

Stock up on home water filters instead of water bottles. Take advantage of the water from your faucet. You will save money and reduce your plastic waste.

Connect with Nature 

You can still enjoy the outdoors while quarantined - soak up some sun on your porch, balcony, or backyard with a good book. Go for a 15 minute walk with your favorite music humming in your ears.

Construct that Content  

Use this time to reconnect with yourself. Start that side hussle of creating a website or blog about your passion. Start journaling to relieve the stress and anxiety you could be feeling. 

Educate Yourself 

Let’s expand our minds and learn about eco-conscious people and issues. I enjoy reading articles from Sierra Club Magazine to stay up to date on current green topics. Listen to a podcast while you're putting together your second quarantine puzzle. Check out these enlightening podcasts to learn more about sustainability experts and ideas - A Sustainable Mind Podcast and Sustainability Defined

Quarantine and chill at home, but don’t forget to reflect, create, and inspire others - from a distance. 

Live Mindfully, Live Sustainably


Sierra Club Magazine
A Sustainable Mind Podcast
Sustainability Defined

Lesley Webb — Peacesake’s Sustainability Editor

Lesley is a Virginia Beach native who is passionate about environmental conservation. With a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Lynchburg, her interest bloomed in sustainable living. As a sustainability advocate, she is eager to spread knowledge on reducing waste and lowering your carbon footprint in order to reduce our impact on the environment. Lesley strives to live mindfully with an eco-conscious lifestyle through food, products, health, and education. With this blog, Lesley intends to spread simple sustainably mindful practices.

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