Give back to the planet that keeps on giving!

Give back to the planet that keeps on giving!

By Valencia Morr Peacesake's Co-founder

At Peacesake, we make a daily effort to recycle and re-use candle jars to make new candles, plant pots, and more. 

With the help of customers like you, we were able to recycle over 300 candle containers in 2019; 

This meant 300 less containers in landfills, less carbon emissions, and an overall smaller ecological footprint. While at local markets, we encourage our customers to recycle their used candle containers and or return them to us for $1 off their next purchase.

This year our plan is to recycle over 400 containers

During this time of COVID-19, we aren’t able to attend local markets, but our recycling efforts still stand! With your help we are hopeful that we can exceed this number by recycling your containers at home. Tag @peacesakecandle in your instagram story! We’d love to see fun ways that you’re recycling your containers. 

Partnering with J.Crew to support charity: water 

Last year we teamed up with J. Crew at Fair Oaks Mall, VA and donated 20% of sales to charity: water; a non-profit organization focused on providing clean and safe drinking water to developing countries.

 We are thankful for you and this great green planet!

Valencia Morr — Peacesake’s Co-founder

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